Order of the Lion Rampant is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization whose mission is...“To engage in research, publish material of relevance and interest to the field of pre-17th-Century Western Culture, and to present activities and participate in events which re-create the environment of the medieval and renaissance eras.”

Beginning with our first chapter in North Las Vegas, Nevada in 2018, Order of the Lion Rampant has grown to have three chapters in the United States, and one in Canada. We are always looking to expand to new areas where interest demands.

The Order is currently focused on three divisions, which make our approach somewhat unique from similar organizations. They include…

• The gathering of research, and maintenance of a physical and online library of medieval and renaissance period history.

• Participating in period specific living history and other community events related to the medieval and renaissance eras. We support events in our local communities, while also hosting historical re-enactments that attempt to replicate the clothing, armor, and weapons used for the specific kingdom and time. Further, we work in partnership with local middle and high school history teachers with our Get Medieval Classroom Project to bring the history of the medieval and renaissance eras to life in their classrooms by educating youth through an interactive program.

• Development and promotion of local medieval combat teams, including HEMA, Buhurt and other period specific armored combat. No one form of combat is used, allowing a diversity of options for all disciplines and skill levels.

Our chapters, or kingdoms as they are called, are all based on real world kingdoms that existed up to the year 1599 CE. Chapter leaders are elected by the members, allowing for any member in good standing to ascend to the throne.


You may also mail a check or money order, payable to Order of the Lion Rampant.

Thank you for your interest in our organization!

Please send us a message if you would like additional information, or to join your local chapter.